Soul Realignment


 An intuitive healing tool to help gain deeper clarity about yourself at soul level.  

The Akashic records- a filing system for all souls information.

Every soul has a story. So often there is a lot of noise that gets in the way of that. From harmful patterns/habits like self sacrificing or hiding our true selves with step further away from who we are at soul level. 

During a session you will gain clarity about your soul gifts, the areas that you will find the most about of success and abundance. It will also give you information about who you at soul level, the energetic qualities that you most align with. It is also great to show where and how we ARE living our soul level identity. It can highlight the choices we are making that are taking us closer to our divine soul gifts.

Our choices can either take us closer to or further away from our divine soul gifts. The purpose of a session is help gain a deeper understanding yourself at soul level. 

It’s another way to help get clear about your patterns when you are triggered. By becoming aware of it you are able to take steps to change it.

  • Sessions run appox 45-50mins and can be done over the phone or zoom

  • $150 per session via PayPal or Square (option to split payment into two parts. Full amount due day of session)

  • ****24hrs notice required for full refund (less than 24hrs receive 50% refund)****

Email: to book an appointment. 

**Disclaimer: I am not a counsellor. If you feel you need extra support please contact the appropriate professional. 

Intuitive Card Readings

Curious about your current energy? 

Unsure about what direction to go?

Looking for deeper clarity on a difficult situation? 

Tarot and oracle cards are great tools to help gain deeper insight into our souls desires. 

Looking for clarity or feeling confused? An intuitive card reading can help you reconnect to what your soul needs in the moment. You can ask a specific question or an overall energy/general guidance reading. 

Disclaimer: Cards are not used to predict the future. We all have free will and the opportunity to make our own choices. They are a tool to help me connect with your energy and guides.

Email reading can be done with any of the below card question set up. You will receive your write up 24-48hrs after payment

  • Mini reading (1-2 cards) 10mins-$15

  • One question surrounding a specific topic (3-6 cards) 20mins- $30

  • Full tarot spread of your current energy/life-options for questions (5-12 cards) 30 mins $45

  • Full tarot reading plus a look at where you are going. Room for questions/feedback (10-20 cards) 45 mins $60

  • Current year spread plus theme for the year. Opportunity ask questions (13-25 cards) 60 mins $75
    Readings done in person, via zoom/phone or email

Sisterhood Circles

“Show me the most damaged parts of your soul, and I will show you how it still shines like gold.” —Nikita Gill 

Come spend an evening learning about your intuitive gifts and how to use them. Spend the first part of class being guided through a mediation. Topics covered vary depending on classes (examples: lunar phases, energy, crystals, tarot card, history of paganism and Celtic traditions.) Bring a journal and an open heart. 

Circles are a great way to connect with others and cultivate a strong sense of community. 

Each class will take on you on a journey to rediscover your soul and intuitive gifts. Content varies during each session, below are examples of topics covered:

  • Meditation

  • Journaling

  • Tarot cards

  • Calling in your guides

  • How to protect yourself from energy

  • Working with the moon cycles

Drop in class run 90mins and are $20 CAD (via paypal/square/Cash)

Location: Abbotsford BC and online

Limited to 10 clients per session

Email: to book