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Looking for a bit more information about service or connecting to your intuition?Check out some commonly asked questions.

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What is a soul realignment session?

A soul realignment session can offer a deeper connection to who you are at soul level. You will gain insight about areas that uplift and energize your soul as well as an understanding about struggles you may be experiencing.

What can I expect to gain from a session?

A deeper sense of self awareness and understanding about who you are at soul level. As well as tools to move forward and make choices in alignment with your soul gifts.

How Do I know that I am using my intuition?

We all have access to our intuition-so often it’s been turned off out of fear. The gut feeling you have about a situation or an activity you do that sparks joy is totally your intuition at work. The trick is to listen to it so it gets louder.

What type of coaching program do you offer?

It is currently in the works. The premise of the program is help empower and inspire you to live your best life. Working from the inside out is often a slower process but will offer the biggest growth. You will be given support and homework to help address your shadow and understand where emotions stay stuck in your body. This allows you to pin point where you play small and let fear get the best of you.

What is a sign from the universe?

It shows up differently for everyone. It could be an animal (eagle, hummingbird, owl), repeating numbers, an innate sense of knowing, or butterflies. There’s no limit to what could be a sign. It’s important to really tune into what comes up when you see these signs.

What are intuitive card readings?

A tool that allows me to connect to your energy. I am able to tune in and intuitively give you information about areas that you may be struggle with.

What if I don’t connect with the information?

Sometimes you may not feel a strong connection with the information you are given. That’s okay! It’s a good idea to keep notes or journal about it though. Sometimes we aren’t ready to hear the information or haven’t tap into that part of ourselves just yet.

How can I connect to my guides?

Meditation, prayer, or simply asking for guidance are some ways that you can foster a connection with your spirit guides. It’s good to practice asking for support in times that are positive as well. They are always around to offer guidance and support when you need it.

What happens during an online or in person circle?

Sisterhood circles are a great way to build connection. Meditation in a group setting can be extra powerful and healing. You will learn tools to access your intuition and tips to connect to your soul’s gifts.

What is soul reawakening?

As you become more in-tune with your intuition you may notice that you experience a death of sorts. Your old way of being begins to fall away. It can feel intense and scary sometimes. You may also notice physical symptoms such as digestive disturbances, fatigue, anxiety, depression.

**it’s important to address these with a medical professional if you are concerned.

What if connecting to my intuition feels too scary?

Ask your guides to pull back on the energy downloads. You can make time to rest and really focus on self care.